For cold nights + crisp weekends

The nights are drawing in + it’s time to get cosy. My loungewear has to be effortless, super warm (no cropped anything, I have energy bills to keep down) + stylish, from popping to the grocery store to taking the latest long haul flight.

Here is the essential loungewear that I’ll be investing in this season:

Mahabis have long been on my wish list + these leather wool lined slippers (£149) are stylish, comfortable + durable. As if that wasn’t enough, what’s so great about Mahabis is that they have a detachable sole (in the colour/s of your choice), taking them effortlessly from indoor slippers to outdoor shoes + back again. So they get bonus points for that flexibility + extra efficiency as a capsule wardrobe item.

Lounge pants
I’m coveting these luxurious M&S cashmere joggers (£99) + was very tempted by Hush’s printed star joggers (£45) (unfortunately they remind me too much of the curtains in my son’s bedroom!). However I’ve settled on these super soft joggers from The White Company (£45), comfortable loungewear that I can wear inside + outside.

Casual slogan tee
NOPE. Not today. This Thug Life tee ($27.95) always makes me laugh. Can’t you see I’m lounging? Please don’t ask me to do anything, I just want to drink my soy chai latte in peace.

Extra long sleeve jumper
I want something big that I can hide away in, like I’m wearing a cuddle. Cashmere + turtle neck + extra long sleeves to keep my hands warm = winner. This H&M jumper (£59.99) is on its way to me now, with this Zara ungendered sweatshirt (£22.99) as back up for more casual lounging (eating pizza in bed, *cough*).

I had quite the snood collection before I capsulized (I’m pretty sure that’s a word) my wardrobe. Now a staple when I want to feel maximum coziness is a giant knit infinity scarf (Etsy, £35). There’s no being shy when it comes to wearing this – you’re stating: it’s freezing + I’m totally prepared. Own it.

What are your essentials for keeping cosy this winter?

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Get ready for the colder months with these top picks

It’s time to get ready for Autumn + that means a wardrobe overhaul. Thanks to some bullet journal planning to help cull the clothes that aren’t efficient enough (blog post to follow), I’ve streamlined this season’s wardrobe + identified gaps that are going to work for all my needs across the season. The essentials on my wish list are:

Leather biker jacket
A classic that’s missing from my wardrobe, I’m finally going take the plunge + invest in a leather jacket. Staying on the high street + within a reasonable budget, my current favourite is by Mango (£119.99). My heart leaps for the red; my practical side will go for the black. This item is going to work hard for me this season, across work, weekends + nights out. When it gets really cold, I’ll layer it up with this oversize blanket scarf from ASOS + fingerless knit gloves.

Ankle boot
As well as my tan leather Kurt Geiger ankle boots, I’m looking for something a bit funkier (but still sturdy) to put a spring in my step through the winter months. ZARA have some amazing shoes at the moment + if practicality (i.e. weather) wasn’t a consideration I’d buy these beautiful blue velvet boots in a heartbeat. Their twist on the details of a Chelsea boot (£39.99) is probably the winner for me, although these patent lace ups are a close second.

Roll neck + cashmere top
Cashmere always make me feel luxurious – like I’m wearing something a little bit special. Add a roll neck + you’ve got a solid top to see you through winter. Add extra long sleeves + I’m smitten. This Sisley version (£37) is on my list, although my top tip for buying cashmere on a budget is Oxfam‘s online shop – I’ve found some real bargains there.

Midi dress
An everyday midi dress is a simple winner for work. This Cheap Monday midi dress (£55) can easily be dressed up or down + has some great detailing to add some interest to the colour (yes, I’m one of those people who ‘basic’ally wears three colours). Win!

There’s no way around it, Diptyque’s Philosykos Eau de Parfum (£95) is a real splurge but has become my firm signature scent. I’ve never spent this much money on a perfume before, but it’s the first perfume I’ve found that really suits me + all occasions. I don’t like floral, sweet or musky scents, which rules out a pretty broad range of perfumes for me. However, the tones of fig + wood in this perfume carry me from memories of Mediterranean summer nights to bonfires + leaves crunching under foot.

Share your Autumn / Winter classics – what are your essentials this season?


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For exfoliated + moisturised skin all in one

Saturday night, my son’s tucked up in bed – that means it’s time for some relaxation + pampering. With a bellini in hand, I need a long, hot bath + some treatments. Today I’m going to share with you my new favourite body scrub recipe, courtesy of my incredibly talented friend Ewelina Kolaczek. I use a lot of exfoliator; my favourite brand when I can treat myself is Clarins. However the rest of the time I buy whatever’s cheapest. I would never have thought to make exfoliator myself until Ewelina told me about the scrubs she makes – generously not only sharing her recipe but also making me a customised, sensuous scrub (I love it; that recipe is between the two of us…).

There are a few things that make this scrub really special as far as I’m concerned. First of all, this scrub meets two needs – the exfoliator/body oil mix means that you end up polished + moisturised with one product. I was struck by how dense the exfoliator was (I’ve often been disappointed by products where there seem to be only a few grains lurking in a gel), giving my skin a thorough yet gentle polish before dissolving, then leaving the oils to work into my skin. (I’m a big fan of body and hair oils, look out for a future post about my favourites) Furthermore, the scrub is very quick + easy to make + the ingredients are completely natural.

Fills a standard jam jar

¼ cup fine sea salt
Under ¾ cup caster sugar
½ cup base oil
Essential oils (add drops, in combinations of your choice, until it smells gorgeous!)

  • Ewelina recommended Naturally Thinking to me as a good company for base oils
  • Pinterest is also a good source of scent combinations


Mix ingredients thoroughly
Cover body with scrub
Wash off with water only (no soap required)
Pat skin dry
Luxuriate in amazing skin

My skin is smooth, moisturised + smells gorgeous – this pampered, relaxed mama is off to bed.

Thanks to Ewelina for sharing her recipe with me + letting me share it with you. If you make your own scrub, share your recipes + tweaks!

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