Welcome to Gratitude + Beauty

Does the world need another lifestyle blog? Probably not. But here we are!

What do I offer that other lifestyle bloggers don’t? Well, everything has to fit within real life. This is aspiration within the every day. I’m a single mum. I’m on a tight budget. I need to plan my life meticulously in order to be as productive as I want to be.  However, the most beautiful houses, gardens, clothes, makeup, recipes etc mostly have price tags behind them that are way out of my reach. I’m just finding what works for me, what makes my world a better place, and sharing it with you in the hope that what works for me, and brings me joy, might just bring you joy too.

Aren’t blogs pretentious? There’s no pretension here, or at least when there is, it’s with a knowing wink. One of my best friends can attest to the fact that I was seriously look at designing this site’s logo via Hipster Logo Generator. (Listen, I like the crossed arrows symbol, ok?).

Where are all your posts? This blog is brand new. Give me time. If you want to know more about anything I post, just leave a comment and we can start a conversation. I’m here to learn too.

And finally, why now? I was inspired by the quote below, which popped up in my Instagram recently. In some ways, I’ve had a really rough time recently. But when I focus on everything I have to be grateful for, and open my eyes to all the beauty around me, I can feel how lucky I am and how good my life is. This Autumn/Fall feels like the chance for a new beginning. (And a beginning that I wish I was seeing in at New York Fashion Week, but well, there’s always next season).



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